1. For new connection login with your mobile number.
  2. Provide proper email ID and mobile phone number
  3. Make payment to buy the Application form
  4. Fill the application with required details and upload the documents
  5. Documents required – Lease cum sale deed or sale deed, Khata certificate, Building Plan / Sanction Plan, Photographs of building with owner, RWH adoption document for premises measuring 1200sqft and above,

Note: Log in with the same mobile number to know the application status.

Rates for new connection

  1. Application Fee
  2. Attachment Fee
  3. Inspection Charges
  4. Three months minimum deposit
  5. Meter cost (mechanical and AMR)
  6. Sanitary Point Charges
  7. GBWASP/BCC Charges
  8. Prorata Charges
  9. Line cost if any as per actuals
  10. Know Your Connection Fees
  11. Consumer User Mannual
  12. Engineer User Mannual
  13. Admin User Mannual
  14. Inchwise/Bore Size Work Flow Diagram
  15. OWC FlowChart
  16. Frequently Asked Question


  • Extention of Demand Note Validity :
    Please note that all demand notes cancelled since 03-05-2021 will be valid upto 31-07-2021.

Application Status As on : 12-08-2022

  • bwssb Applications Submitted
  • bwssb Demand Note Generated
  • bwssb Payment made against Demand Note
  • bwssb Payment yet to be made against Demand Note
  • bwssb RR Number generated
  • bwssb Applications Rejected
  • bwssb Applications Under Process
  • bwssb Applications Closed
  • bwssb Minimum Time(Days)
  • bwssb Median Time(Days)
  • bwssb Average Time(Days)
  • bwssb Maximum Time(Days)